Inspired by the poet Sappho 630-570 BCE, I wanted to create something that really embodied not only this particular poem; but the era of romanticized antiquity as a whole

When you lie dead, no one will remember you

For you have no share in the muses’ roses.

No, flittering aimlessly about, you will wildly roam

a shade amidst the shadowy dead.

– Sappho 630-570 BCE

Following along with the themes of the poem, I really wanted to find a way to visually portray the mood. The style quickly developed as iconic imagery distressed by the passage of time paired well with the whimsical yet shadowy illusion of fading away

Often referred to as the “Tenth Muse,” Sappho’s career as a poet was prolific. Most of her work was lost, and what remains is fragmented

Frequently criticized by her contemporaries, this passage was her response to one such critic. This passage would have been a devastating blow; when considering Greco-Roman values of fame and legacy