The self is not something one finds, it’s something one creates – Thomas Szasz

I think we’re all a lot of different things, but the things we choose to be are the most important. Choosing Design was the first decision I made for who I wanted to be, not just who I was. Through the Design Program at Western Washington University, I learned to do a lot, but I also learned how to be a lot; and that matters so much more. Design is what I learned alongside creating who I wanted to be, developing meaningful connection through collaboration, and approaching the work objectively to prioritize what works

Working with a focus in print over the past year has emphasized the importance of designing with use, materials, and flexibility in mind for finished projects that are functional, consistent, and impactful

Generalist, Creative, Articulated, Communicator, Team Oriented, Dynamic, Artist/Illustrator

Dog Lover, Mom-Friend, Intuitive, Mental Health Advocate, Mindful, Dedicated

Gamer, Geek, Passionate, Axe Thrower, Curious, Amateur Chef, Kickboxer, Avid Reader